Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday Knitting

I still haven't finished my first Eunice sock, but I've started another pair of socks anyhow.

These are for Eric actually, and I've had the yarn since our trip to Philadelphia in June. I bought it out in Amish country, and the colorway has the appealing name of Amish Broom Corn. (The yarn I picked out for myself is called Buggy Top.) 

Frustratingly, this is a little thick for sock yarn. I began by casting on my usual number of stitches on needles of a usual size, but soon realized the sock could easily stand up by itself. So I ripped out and started again with fewer stitches on a larger needle. I sort of just had to guess, but it seems to fit so far. It's just a simple ribbed pattern.

I'm actually pretty close to the toe, although you can't see that here. The only way to get a decent picture this time of year with the current light levels and weather conditions is to go out on the front step and hold the sock up; I didn't have the luxury of artfully arranging it on a conveniently dry surface. But I'll be sure to get some modeled photos when the pair is done. 

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